Our products bring battle-tested visualization techniques to bear on your most challenging infrastructure protection problems.

Our work for the U.S Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Intelligence community has led to new technologies and products that significantly improve the performance of analysts tasked with protecting critical networks and infrastructure. Secure Decisions’ award-winning cyber defense products include:

Code Dx™

Code Dx™ is an award winning software assurance visual analytics tool that visualizes and correlates weakness data from open source and commercial source code analysis tools, putting them into the proper context for effective triage and mitigation.  Code Dx integrates the results of multiple software analysis tools into one coherent picture, offers a workflow that lets analysts visually analyze and prioritize results, explore them to uncover trends, use code context to assess impact and determine who is responsible, and assign remediation tasks.

Flying Squirrel Suite logo

Flying Squirrel Suite

A wireless discovery & mapping application: To enhance the security posture of DoD networks, Flying Squirrel provides real-time wireless discovery, integrated visualization and mapping, and post-hoc analysis capabilities. These capabilities are provided in the Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite via the Flying Squirrel + MeerCAT-FS software, combined with Caribou and the Ubertooth™ One components.

MeerCAT logo


MeerCAT-Pro is an award winning visualization tool specifically developed to help decision makers locate wireless assets and networks, and assess the risk they pose to the organization. What distinguishes MeerCAT-Pro are its advanced visual analytics specifically designed to support and expedite wireless security risk assessment. MeerCAT-Pro presents interactive geospatial, topological, and spatiotemporal 3D views to quickly locate potential security issues, and to efficiently identify relevant vulnerabilities, threats, and remediation.


VIAssist is an award winning visualization toolkit used by computer security specialists to ensure the security of computer networks. VIAssist converts raw data into a collection of graphical representations to make it easier to see patterns and trends. It facilitates the discovery, analysis, and understanding of cyber attacks.  What makes the VIAssist suite of integrated tools unique and invaluable to end-users is how it presents several visual perspectives synchronized to a single common data source.  This collaborative visual analytics platform enhances situational awareness (SA), facilitates collaboration, and enables the analysis and understanding of cyber events.

WildCAT logo


WildCAT is a turn-key system to help defend and maintain 802.11 wireless networks.  Critical infrastructures can be vulnerable to cyber attacks through 802.11 wireless networks. Because wireless intruders are within short range of the targeted network, they can be directly observed by security forces cued to their presence. WildCAT is a system that enables integration of physical and cyber security resources in order to detect and immediately respond to wireless threats. It is designed to use physical security vehicles as a platform to collect wireless activity and send the data via a cellular network to an analysis center. Cyber security specialists detect suspicious activity and cue the physical security force to its location.