Gancarz, K., & Prole, K. (2012, November). Visual techniques for analyzing wireless communication patterns. In Homeland Security (HST), 2012 IEEE Conference on Technologies for (pp. 341-347). IEEE.

Abstract— New security concerns have emerged with the widespread availability of easy-to-integrate, affordable wireless networking technology. To meet the growing challenges of analyzing IEEE 802.11 wireless traffic and assessing security risks, a system of wireless network visualization components was created to provide defenders with tools to analyze vast amounts of “wardriving” data, i.e., wireless radio signals collected while moving about an area in a car or on foot. This paper describes the data processing and visualization techniques that are utilized by the WiFi Flows visualization within MeerCAT® to provide a comprehensive picture of the communication patterns in a wireless network, to network defenders and analysts. This paper also describes the applicability of this technology in defending wireless networks.

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