Dr. Anita D'Amico
Dr. Anita D'AmicoDirector of Secure Decisions

Dr. Anita D’Amico, Ph.D. is the Director of Secure Decisions, a division of Applied Visions, Inc. She is a human factors psychologist and a specialist in cyber security situational awareness. Under her leadership, Secure Decisions has successfully developed and transitioned several cyber security R&D projects into operational use. Most recently, she led the commercialization of Code Dx, an application security testing tool based on R&D funded by the US Department of Homeland Security. Her team also open-sourced Code Pulse, a tool for visualizing code coverage during penetration testing. Her prior work has been on the mission impact of cyber attacks, and on visual analytics for assessing risks from wireless devices. She has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, chaired conferences, and testified before the U.S. Congressional Subcommittee on Science and Technology on the topic of cyber security R&D and education.

Prior to joining Applied Visions, Dr. D’Amico ran the Information Warfare Group for Northrop Grumman and worked on the space station program. She previously conducted R&D in the maritime industry and sat on the National Research Council, Committee on Shiphandling Training Simulation.

Dr. D’Amico received a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in psychology from Adelphi University. She was featured in the Fall 2011 Adelphi University Magazine.

A recent Forbes article named Anita D’Amico one of “five cool women in security” who serve as role models for young women entering the  field.

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Frank J. Zinghini, Jr.
Frank J. Zinghini, Jr.President of Applied Visions, Inc., parent company of Secure Decisions

Frank founded Applied Visions with the goal of building a software development company focused on the power of visual applications — where skilled developers, researchers and designers could create cutting-edge software in a supportive environment tailored to their needs. Frank has led the organization’s growth from its basement-office beginnings to the multi-location commercial and government- focused solution provider it is today. His passion for the power of technology and the idea of making the complex simple remains as strong today as it was when he initially created the organization in 1987.

Prior to founding AVI, Frank directed the software development team for the Video Products Division of the Chyron Corporation, an industry-leading maker of computer graphics equipment for television and video production. At Chyron, Frank was responsible for the development and delivery of software for a newly formed Video Products Division that provided low-cost, high-quality versions of the company’s flagship product.

Frank holds a MS in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Additionally he serves on multiple boards, focused on the technology industry on Long Island.