Secure Decisions selects its most promising research to develop into products available to the government and commercial sectors.

Code Dx

Code Dx is an award-winning application security tool that correlates weakness data from open source and commercial source code and dynamic analysis tools, putting them into the proper context for effective triage and mitigation. The software integrates the results of multiple software analysis tools into one coherent picture, offers a workflow that lets analysts visually analyze and prioritize results, explore them to uncover trends, and assign remediation tasks. Originally developed by Secure Decisions, the intellectual property of Code Dx was transferred to Code Dx, Inc. as part of a corporate spin-out.

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Visual Analysis of Code Security

Comic-BEE Application

Comic-BEE provides an integrated, guided process for educators and subject matter experts to plan a lesson, write a branching script that is closely aligned with their instructional goals, storyboard the visual layout of their comic, and format the comic with final artwork prior to online delivery and presentation.

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Flying Squirrel Suite

Flying Squirrel Suite

A wireless discovery & mapping application: To enhance the security posture of DoD networks, Flying Squirrel provides real-time wireless discovery, integrated visualization and mapping, and post-hoc analysis capabilities. These capabilities are provided in the Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite via the Flying Squirrel + MeerCAT-FS software, combined with Caribou and the Ubertooth™ One components.

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MeerCAT®-Pro is an award-winning visualization tool specifically developed to help decision makers locate wireless assets and networks, and assess the risk they pose to the organization. What distinguishes MeerCAT®-Pro are its advanced visual analytics specifically designed to support and expedite wireless security risk assessment. MeerCAT®-Pro presents interactive geospatial, topological, and spatiotemporal 3D views to quickly locate potential security issues, and to efficiently identify relevant vulnerabilities, threats, and remediation.

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Visual Techniques for Analyzing Wireless Communication Patterns
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Wireless Cyber Assets Discovery Visualization

Code Pulse

Code Pulse is a penetration testing support tool that provides real-time visual feedback into the code coverage of black box testing activities. Originally developed by Secure Decisions, Code Pulse is an official OWASP Project and is now maintained by Code Dx, Inc. after the intellectual property was transferred during a corporate spin-out.

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Code Pulse: Real-Time Code Coverage for Penetration Testing Activities
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