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Perspectives on the role of cognition in cyber security

McNeese, M., Cooke, N. J., D’Amico, A., Endsley, M. R., Gonzalez, C., Roth, E., & Salas, E. (2012, September). Perspectives on the role of cognition in cyber security. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (Vol. 56, No. 1, pp. 268-271). Sage CA: Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications.


VIAssist: Visual Analytics for Cyber Defense

Goodall, J. R., & Sowul, M. (2009, May). VIAssist: Visual analytics for cyber defense. In Technologies for Homeland Security, 2009. HST'09. IEEE Conference on (pp. 143-150). IEEE.


Visual Discovery in Computer Network Defense

Anita D. D’Amico, John R. Goodall, Daniel R. Tesone and Jason K. Kopylec, “Visual Discovery in Computer Network Defense,” IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 27(5), IEEE Press, 2007, 20-27.

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