Learning Technologies 2010 Paper: Domain-Specific Language Systems Use for JIT Courseware

A Secure Decisions paper will be presented at the New Learning Technologies Conference 2010 sponsored by the Society for Learning Technology in Orlando. The paper reviews successful uses of Domain-Specific Language Systems and illustrates how the method can be more widely employed to facilitate just-in-time workplace courseware. New Learning Technologies 2010 NORTHPORT, NY February 25, 2010—Effective, less costly just-in-time workplace courseware remains an elusive goal.  Given limited instructional design resources, alternatives more fully integrated with day-to-day knowledge work processes hold promise.  A paper titled "Diamonds in the Sawdust: Courseware as Reusable Task Artifacts Orchestrated by Domain-Specific Language Systems" will be presented by Secure Decisions analyst Mark Underwood at the New Learning Technologies Conference 2010. The paper considers ways to accelerate instructional content development for applications such as training for new product releases, HIPAA compliance and [...]