Chris Horn, a Researcher at Secure Decisions, was invited to participate in a two-day workshop organized by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) Information Science and Technology (ISAT) Study Group. Organized under the Teams Enhanced by Autonomous Mentors and Members (TEAMMs) study, the purpose of the workshop is to explore the requirements for artificial intelligence (AI) systems that act as a functioning member of a cyber security team. Key questions include:

  • How can AI can be effectively used in teams?
  • How can it help prevent failures?
  • How can we create implementations that avoid catastrophic failures?


The DARPA workshop will be held January 24th and 25th, at the University of Florida, in Orlando, FL.

DARPA is an agency of the United State Department of Defense that researches breakthrough technologies and capabilities for national security. Established by DARPA in 1987, the ISAT Study Group examines important emerging areas of technological development to provide independent assessment of the state of advanced information science and technology for the U.S. government.


About Secure Decisions
Secure Decisions was created as a division of Applied Visions, Inc. to conduct R&D and develop innovative technologies in cyber security including network defense, infrastructure protection, application security, intelligence analysis, and data visualization. Secure Decisions develops tools for decision-makers to analyze large amounts of complex data, and to provide cutting-edge security measures to protect their proprietary information. Many of their products were developed under contract from federal and state governments or governmental agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and DARPA. In 2015, Secure Decisions’ application security R&D led to the development of a new application vulnerability correlation and management system, which is now commercially available through a spin-out company called Code Dx, Inc.

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