Secure Decisions, a division of Applied Visions, has developed a wireless security system that supports real-time monitoring, alerting, analysis, and reporting of IEEE 802.11 (“Wi-Fi”) threats and vulnerabilities. The system was developed under sponsorship of Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology (DHS S&T).

NORTHPORT, NY, January 11th, 2012 – Secure Decisions recently completed a 14-month effort to develop “WildCAT”, a turnkey system that provides cost-effective, frequent surveillance of an organization’s IEEE 802.11 (“Wi-Fi”) wireless space. WildCAT streamlines the process of detecting, locating, and analyzing wireless threats and vulnerabilities. It has been designed to be used in a standalone configuration, or to augment a wireless intrusion detection/prevention system (WIDS/WIPS). WildCAT offers organizations an inexpensive option to extend their wireless security standoff range or improve their wireless surveillance coverage area.

WildCAT leverages a physical security force to assure information systems security by equipping existing security, maintenance, or delivery vehicles with a small detector. The detector automatically collects wireless network information whenever the ignition is on and securely transmits it over a cellular connection to a central monitoring station every second. This design reduces the recurring cost of wireless security patrols and can boost time under wireless security coverage from 3.5% to 50%.

Inside the central monitoring station, network analysts use WildCAT analysis software to monitor the collected wireless information. The analysis software provides a rich visual interface that has been designed to minimize analysis labor time and improve the detection of and response to wireless threats and vulnerabilities. The analysis software features multiple coordinated views that allow analysts to integrate and correlate wireless data with geographic information to quickly locate wireless assets, pinpoint areas of interest, and make more accurate assessments of a network’s security. Custom rules automate the identification of suspicious wireless behavior and click-through, template-based reporting allows analysts to quickly generate professional looking, detailed reports.

The analysis system builds on Secure Decisions’ MeerCAT® technology, a visual analytics tool that helps users locate wireless assets and networks and assess their risks to an organization. MeerCAT is used by the DoD as part of the Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite and by industry to analyze Kismet and NetStumbler data.

The WildCAT system has undergone system testing by a team of experts in wireless network attack and defense. We are now looking for transition sites interested in deploying WildCAT. If you are interested in WildCAT and would like to participate in a sponsored operational test, please contact Christina Verderosa at [email protected] or (631) 759-3934.

The WildCAT project was funded by DHS Science & Technology under a program of research at the Applied Sciences Foundation for Homeland Security. Its purpose is to increase wireless security situational awareness at large critical infrastructure facilities like military bases, maritime ports, rail yards, and power plants.

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About Applied Visions and Secure Decisions

Applied Visions, Inc. (AVI) provides software products, custom solutions, and advanced technology research for commercial and government customers. The company’s vision and expertise in visual software solutions for complex defense, national security, and business problems have served AVI’s customers in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and prominent technology and Fortune 500 firms.   Founded in 1987, AVI is based in Northport, NY, and has secure facilities and clearances to support classified government programs.

Secure Decisions was launched by AVI in 2000 to focus on cyber security research and products for the government. Today, Secure Decisions is a leader in security visualization, with an established track record of R&D contracts, technology transition and product development. Secure Decisions’ products are used to enhance the situational awareness of senior officers, computer network defenders and other security professionals in government and commercial organizations. SecureScope™, VIAssist™, and MeerCAT™ are among Secure Decisions’ extensive portfolio of cyber defense solutions.

More information about Applied Visions and Secure Decisions research, products, and services can be found at: and

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