Our team is very active in the research community and we frequently publish the results of our work. Here are a few select publications.


Blending Bloom’s Taxonomy and Serious Game Design

Buchanan, L., Wolanczyk, F., & Zinghini, F. (2011, July). Blending Bloom’s taxonomy and serious game design. In Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Security and Management (July 2011), SAM (Vol. 11).


Visual Analysis of Code Security

Goodall, J. R., Radwan, H., & Halseth, L. (2010, September). Visual analysis of code security. In Proceedings of the seventh international symposium on visualization for cyber security (pp. 46-51). ACM.


VIAssist: Visual Analytics for Cyber Defense

Goodall, J. R., & Sowul, M. (2009, May). VIAssist: Visual analytics for cyber defense. In Technologies for Homeland Security, 2009. HST'09. IEEE Conference on (pp. 143-150). IEEE.


Visual Analytics for Network Flow Analysis

Goodall, J. R., & Tesone, D. R. (2009, March). Visual analytics for network flow analysis. In Conference For Homeland Security, 2009. CATCH'09. Cybersecurity Applications & Technology (pp. 199-204). IEEE.

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