D’Amico, A., Verderosa, C., Horn, C., & Imhof, T. (2011, November). Integrating physical and cyber security resources to detect wireless threats to critical infrastructure. In Technologies for Homeland Security (HST), 2011 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 494-500). IEEE.

Abstract— Critical infrastructure can be vulnerable to cyber attacks through 802.11 wireless networks. Because wireless intruders are within short range of the targeted network, they can be directly observed by security forces cued to their presence. WildCAT is a prototype system that extends the reach of a physical security force into the cyber realm to detect and respond to wireless threats and vulnerabilities. Its design uses physical security vehicles as the platform for collecting wireless network activity that is then sent via a cellular network to an analysis center. At the analysis center, cyber security specialists detect suspicious activity and cue the physical security force to its location. WildCAT will be tested in comparison to traditional approaches to wardriving, as well as a supplement to wireless intrusion detection systems.

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