Mission Assurance Proof-of-Concept: Mapping Dependencies among Cyber Assets, Missions, and Users

Buchanan, L., Larkin, M., & D'Amico, A. (2012, November). Mission assurance proof-of-concept: Mapping dependencies among cyber assets, missions, and users. In Homeland Security (HST), 2012 IEEE Conference on Technologies for (pp. 298-304). IEEE.

Mission Impact of Cyber Events: Scenarios and Ontology to Express the Relationships between Cyber Assets, Missions, and Users

D'Amico, A., Buchanan, L., Goodall, J., & Walczak, P. (2010, April). Mission impact of cyber events: scenarios and ontology to express the relationships between cyber assets, missions and users. In International Conference on Information Warfare and Security (p. 388). Academic Conferences International Limited.

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