NORTHPORT, NY, May 12, 2014SecureDecisions, the cyber security division of Applied Visions, Inc., today announced the release of Code Pulse™ v1.0, an open source and free software assurance analytics tool that  provides insight into the real-time code coverage of black box software testing activities.  Code Pulse listens in behind the scenes while users perform their manual or automated testing and identifies code coverage in real-time as the tests are being performed. It visually provides an understanding of coverage overlaps and boundaries of multiple different dynamic application security testing (DAST) and penetration testing tools.

Code Pulse presents test coverage information in an easy-to-understand visual form that helps testers determine which parts and how much of an application has been covered.  This real-time coverage feedback makes it easy to adjust testing activity based on the observed code coverage. “Complete code coverage analysis of the attack surface is incredibly important especially when testing critical software and systems” said Hassan Radwan, Principal Investigator for the Code Pulse program.  “Code Pulse represents a real break-through in support for real-time code coverage analysis testing and in helping testers see at-a-glance their results in a clear and unambiguous way. “

Code Pulse’s rich feature set provides benefits that help application security and penetration testers to:

  • Understand where the gaps in test coverage are – Code Pulse shows you exactly what methods were called, and clearly identifies coverage gaps.
  • Compare coverage across testing tools – use Code Pulse to monitor and compare test coverage from multiple automated penetration testing tools.
  • Communicate testing activity effectively – Code Pulse can export coverage activity and easily share these results with others.
  • Fine-tune penetration testing tools by identifying scan deficiencies.

Kevin Greene, DHS’s Software Assurance Program Manager, said “Code Pulse is an investment and commitment by DHS S&T to help reduce the considerable risk in today’s software systems.  Penetration testers and other applications security testers can use Code Pulse to see the amount of code covered in their vulnerability analyses.“


Code Pulse is freely available from Secure Decisions, and is also an open source OWASP project at  Your new ideas and contributions to the Code Pulse open source development project are what will help to make Code Pulse a premier software assurance and penetration testing tool.

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