Wireless security visualization product is available for U.S. Government users on Naval Research Laboratory website.

NORTHPORT, NY, April 12, 2011 – Secure Decisions, a division of Applied Visions, Inc., has released a government off-the-shelf (GOTS) version of MeerCAT® to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC. MeerCAT ®is a visual analytics tool that helps users locate and assess the security risks of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. The GOTS version, known as MeerCAT®-FS, was initially developed under a Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) SBIR award. Through sponsorship from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), MeerCAT®-FS has been incorporated as part of NRL’s Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite.

The Flying Squirrel Tool Suite, which includes the Flying Squirrel wireless discovery application and other components in addition to MeerCAT®-FS, was developed to enhance the security posture of DoD networks. MeerCAT®-FS was designed to visualize the data collected by Flying Squirrel to make it easier for users to analyze and correlate the information. As stated on NRL’s website “by utilizing [MeerCAT®-FS] key features, such as time trend analysis, wireless topology, profile filters, and communication patterns, the operator can turn Flying Squirrel’s wealth of data into meaningful, actionable information.” The result is improved efficiency and accuracy in identifying wireless threats and managing security risks.

Key features in the MeerCAT®-FS release include:

Big picture overview of wireless device location, encryption levels, channel usage, behavior patterns, network topology, and mission;
Visual track of threat locations on geospatial maps and inside buildings;
Comparison of war drives to simultaneously analyzing multiple Flying Squirrel data capture sessions and uncover suspicious wireless device behavior;
Wireless topology and communication patterns to identify networks and computing assets that present security risks;
Time trend analysis to identify anomalies in wireless device activity over days weeks or even months that could be indicative of a threat or compromised asset;
Profile filters to rapidly see wireless devices that match characteristics of interest including assets non-compliant with internal security policies;
Mission correlation to assess risks on mission-critical assets;
Built in reporting simplifies and enhances the communication of wireless security audits with visual analysis beneficial for security analysts and non-experts.

MeerCAT® was recently honored as a DARPA Success Story for 2010.  As noted in DARPA’s success report, “MeerCAT® will be available to more than 3,000 current DoD analysts who use Flying Squirrel to identify suspicious wireless access points in or near government facilities… The deployment of MeerCAT® to DoD Flying Squirrel users helps establish MeerCAT® as a commercial-quality product.”

As part of Secure Decisions mission to deliver innovative visual solutions to cyber defense problems, MeerCAT®-FS represents one of a range of products that the company has delivered to government and commercial users. Other products in the MeerCAT® line include MeerCAT®-Pro and MeerCAT®-EE for analyzing open-source and commercial wireless discovery and intrusion detection data. The company’s product portfolio also includes SecureScope® and VIAssist™, visualization tools to support network security analysis. VIAssist is currently being adapted for the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team under a Department of Homeland Security contract award.

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For more information on MeerCAT®, visit https://securedecisions.com/MeerCAT®.

To learn more about the Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite and for qualified users how to download MeerCAT®-FS, visit http://www.nrl.navy.mil/chacs/5545/flyingsquirrel.

About Applied Visions and Secure Decisions

Applied Visions, Inc. (AVI) provides software products, custom solutions, and advanced technology research for commercial and government customers. The company’s vision and expertise in visual software solutions for complex defense, national security, and business problems have served AVI’s customers in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and prominent technology and Fortune 500 firms.   Founded in 1987, AVI is based in Northport, NY, and has secure facilities and clearances to support classified government programs.

Secure Decisions was launched by AVI in 2000 to focus on cyber security research and products for the government. Today, Secure Decisions is a leader in security visualization, with an established track record of R&D contracts and product development. Secure Decisions’ products are used to enhance the situational awareness of senior officers, computer network defenders and other security professionals in government and commercial organizations. SecureScope®, VIAssist™, and MeerCAT® are among Secure Decisions’ extensive portfolio of cyber defense solutions.

For more information, please visit avi.com and securedecisions.com.

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