A white paper authored by General (ret) Ron Keys and Larry McKee identified Secure Decisions for its development of cyber-situational awareness software.

September 2009 A white paper authored by Ron Keys and Larry McKee proposes a different approach to improve situation awareness for cyber defense.  In their paper titled “Concept for Possible Cyberspace Shared Situational Awareness Joint Concept Technology Demonstration,” Keys and McKee argue that most current approaches are focused on technology rather than processes.  They propose to develop a demonstration based on “processes (e.g., C2, response, analysis)” that would include “integration of existing network sensor data, defining data standards and processes for information sharing, and building relationships among national and international government, industry and academia stakeholders.”

The authors identify as potential partners several organizations currently engaged in shared situation awareness collaboration. One of these potential partners is the Secure Decisions division of Applied Visions.

The draft white paper can be found on the National Security Cyberspace Institute web site.

National Security Cyberspace Institute, Inc. (NSCI) provides Cyberspace education, research and analysis services to public and private entities, including United States government departments and agencies, academia, and commercial entities.    NSCI activities encompass cyberspace technological, informational, and human elements in support of federal, state, and local government; industry and academia.

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