Business in the United States is no stranger to regulation, especially where the health and safety of the public are concerned. Sorting out which regulations apply to your business or product has gotten easier thanks to searchable digital databases and centralization, but ensuring compliance with those regulations is not always so simple. It is especially difficult to assure continuing regulatory compliance in information technology products that change frequently — software that is regularly updated, for example.

The federal government has issued countless standards and regulations that apply to data storage and distribution, network security, and application security. Compliance with these requirements can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive—three things software developers don’t want to hear. Code Dx, in response to requests, aims to reduce the burden on developers to ensure their software is free of security vulnerabilities that violate various government regulations. The focus of this paper is ensuring software is compliant with the security requirements of HIPAA.

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Published On: Feb-2017Categories: White papers0.8 min read

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