On June 10, 2009, Anita D’Amico, Director of the Secure Decisions division of Applied Visions, Inc., testified before the Subcommittee on Research and Science Education, House Committee on Science and Technology on the topic of “Cyber Security R&D.”

NORTHPORT, NY, June 10, 2009 – Dr. Anita D’Amico, Director of the Applied Visions’ Secure Decisions Division, today provided expert testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology, Subcommittee on Research and Science Education at a hearing entitled “Cyber Security R&D” which addressed issues of education, public-private partnerships, and research and development for cyber security to help combat the increased risks of cyber threats.

Dr. D’Amico discussed the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to technology and security, involving the social sciences to improve the usability and security of technology by understanding how it is actually used by people. Continuing her focusing on the people and process side of Information Security, she spoke of the need for mentorship in training the next generation of cyber warriors. She also addressed questions from the Subcommittee regarding cyber security research and the state of security education at the university level and for the general public.

“We need to change the culture: to make good security second-nature to all of us, not something that we try to avoid,” said Dr. D’Amico. “This change in culture is not going to be achieved by a bunch of smart engineers designing better intrusion detection systems. This cultural shift requires the expertise of those who understand how to change minds – that is, the social sciences.”

A report published by Federal Computer Week in June 2009 summarizes the hearing for its readers and quotes from D’Amico’s testimony.

Dr. D’Amico is a human factors psychologist and an information security specialist, with interests in improving situational awareness of information security analysts through visualization and cognitive analysis. She leads AVI’s Secure Decisions Division to conduct government-funded research in these areas, and to develop tools, techniques, and products based on that research. Her most recent work has been in the area of combining geographic information with network security and network management information to improve security and preserve continuity of operations.

A complete transcript of Dr. D’Amico’s testimony is available at: http://www.apa.org/about/gr/science/spin/2009/07/damico.aspx

Video of her testimony can be viewed.

About Applied Visions

Applied Visions, Inc. (AVI) provides software products, custom solutions, and advanced technology research for commercial and government customers. The company’s vision and expertise in visual software solutions for complex defense, national security, and business problems have served AVI’s customers in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and prominent technology and Fortune 1000 firms. Founded in 1987, AVI is based in Northport, NY, and has secure facilities and clearances to support classified government programs.

About the Secure Decisions Division

Secure Decisions was launched by AVI in 2000 to focus on cyber security research and products for the government. Today, Secure Decisions is a leader in security visualization, with an established track record of R&D contracts and product development. Secure Decisions’ products are used to enhance the situational awareness of senior officers, computer network defenders and other security professionals in government and commercial organizations. SecureScope™, VIAssist,™ and MeerCAT® are among Secure Decisions’ extensive portfolio of cyber defense solutions.

For more information, please visit www.avi.com and securedecisions.com.

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