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Secure Decisions is an authorized reseller of the Code Dx product.

Enterprise is the right choice for our customers who are committed to a comprehensive application security program.

Code Dx Enterprise expands the value of your existing enterprise investment in commercial and open source static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools. Before you ship or deploy any more software, you know that in today’s business environment overrun with web-based customer facing applications, it has become critical to write secure applications to protect the life-blood of your enterprise – its customer and product data.

Quality testing, SAST, DAST and manual testing must be done during the software development life cycle (SDLC) and prior to production in order to discover weaknesses that can be exploited BEFORE they become not only vulnerabilities, but corporate liabilities. Build Security In reports that 90 percent of today’s reported security problems are from application weaknesses, providing evidence that intruders are increasingly targeting the application stack. To protect your customer’s enterprise from security breaches traceable to insecure software and to reduce the liability of software developers from such breaches, it is essential to test code for security vulnerabilities during the SDLC.

Stat!, on the other hand, is a good place to get started if you just want to secure your application’s source code.

Code Dx Stat! is designed to remove some of the most prominent barriers to software security or software assurance testing. First of all, the industry itself is so new that building secure applications is very difficult. Then testing the software and how it interacts with all of the moving pieces during its development and before it is deployed on the World Wide Web is notoriously difficult, requiring the use of multiple tools. Each static analysis tool specializes in testing different aspects, so several have to be used to get a comprehensive view of the application’s code to effectively protect an organization’s most important asset-its data. Using several static application security testing (SAST) tools is complex because each tool needs to be downloaded, set-up and there is a learning curve to understand the user interface for each tool.

Code Dx automates this entire process and compares the thousands of discovered vulnerabilities to each other to eliminate data redundancies and to help filter out the false positives. Then Code Dx lets users easily view which vulnerabilities are critical to the security of the application itself.

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